Salon Services

After 15 years of helping women with hair loss, we understand that you may be apprehensive about going to a salon to get a new wig or hairpiece. Our staff is very compassionate and sensitive to the unique emotional and physical issues that accompany losing one’s hair.

Each of our stylists has at least four years of experience in just wigs and hairpieces. Some have been with us since we opened JMC Hairwear & Wig Salon in 1991; the average is 11 years. All of us love what we do, and we work together as a team to make the whole process

very easy and relaxing for you — so don’t be surprised if you start to enjoy yourself! Many of our clients say that if they had known how uplifting and fun it was going to be, they would have come to see us sooner.

When you visit our salon, one of our staff members will greet you. She will ask if you would like to look around first at our vast array of wigs on display or prefer to be introduced to a wig professional. If you feel a bit nervous or self-conscious, we have private rooms available for any client wishing to use them.

Once you are seated with a stylist, the consultation process begins. She will ask you questions to find out what you feel you need, and if you have any ideas or requests. Some people come in to change themselves completely, while others want to look the same, only better. The stylist will show you the wig styles that you requested, as well as other styles that she thinks would best address your problem areas and enhance your facial structure and skin color.

All of your fears and misgivings about needing a wig will disappear, because the stylist will show you things that will look better on you than you ever expected. You will immediately relax and begin to feel confident that you will look great, even better than before.

Once your new synthetic or human hair wig is chosen, we can cut, color and/or highlight it for you as you like. Because so many of our clients do not live locally, we keep thousands of wigs and hairpieces on hand, making most selections available to take with you the same day as your salon visit.

In addition, we carry a full line of European human hair, which allows us to design a piece from scratch to fit your needs, if necessary. We also have a full line of ponytails, updo’s, hair scrunchies, and back and top fillers for any area of your hair that you wish to enhance or change.

Think of all the money you will save! Wigs don’t grow, so you save on haircuts, and they don’t get gray, so you save lots of money on color! And the best part is that you look fabulous every day. No more “bad hair days”. Just put on your new wig or hairpiece and go!

JMC Hairwear is proud to have a very skilled professional permanent makeup artist on staff four days a week. She works in her own sanitary private room and has been with us for five years. She also works for a plastic surgeon and does lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, scar camouflage and areola restoration.

We also specialize in addressing the specific needs of transgender clients.